Tuesday 23rd April 2024
  • Why Companies Need to Lobby for Climate Policy

    The spring 2024 issue’s special report looks at how to take advantage of market opportunities in the digital space, and provides advice on building culture and friendships at work; maximizing the benefits of LLMs, corporate venture capital initiatives, and innovation contests; and scaling automation and digital health platform.

    The spring 2024 issue’s special report looks at how to take advantage of market opportunities in the digital space, and provides advice on building culture and friendships at work; maximizing the benefits of LLMs, corporate venture capital initiatives, and innovation contests; and scaling automation and digital health platform.

    In recent years, thousands of companies worldwide have made net-zero commitments to meet the urgent challenge of climate change. Many are investing in product and business model innovation or in supplier engagement programs to drive down emissions. But all too often, one of the most powerful tools a company has at its disposal is ignored by corporate leaders who are serious about sustainability: lobbying.

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  • 35 Years Ago, Nintendo's Riskiest Product Launch Changed Video Games Forever

    You can’t take it with you. This conventional wisdom typically refers to what happens to your money when your life comes to an end, but it also applies to the toys, gadgets, and Legend of Zelda collectibles we obsess over in our daily lives. And in the late ‘80s, however, it was a hard truth for gaming. A decade earlier, gamers could only get their fix in arcades, so the advent of home consoles felt like a true revolution. Who would’ve thought that in just a few short years the home console breakthrough would give way to portable consoles? Gunpei Yokoi, that’s who.

    Yokoi was the head of Nintendo’s research and development division and had helped create titles like Donkey Kong, Metroid and Super Mario Brothers. He is widely credited as the creator of the Game Boy, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this month, and the story behind its success still feels familiar three decades later.

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  • The Next Star Wars Movie Could Finally Explain the Galaxy's Most Mysterious Planet

    The Mandalorian dragged Star Wars into a new era. The series served as a fresh take on the universe mere weeks before The Rise of Skywalker brought the sequel trilogy to an underwhelming conclusion, and the episodic saga of a bounty hunter and his young charge made live-action TV the clear future of the franchise and cemented Disney+ as part of the streaming landscape.

    Five years later, however, the focus is shifting back to the big screen. Four Star Wars movies are currently in development, and collectively they span the entire timeline, from years after The Rise of Skywalker to millennia before the prequels. Among these movies, Mandalorian theatrical spinoff The Mandalorian and Grogu has an important opportunity to explain a massive Jedi mystery before an entire movie is dedicated to it.

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  • Amazon's Best Sci-Fi Apocalypse Show Just Blew Up Its Canon -- But It Never Really Mattered

    Those who are chronically online may have picked up on the recent controversy surrounding Prime Video’s Fallout series and the franchise’s greater canon. The concern? That events in the show are retconning the non-Bethesda entries in the video game series (Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas).

    The Fallout TV series is set in the year 2296: nine years after the events in Fallout 4 (2287), and 15 years after New Vegas (2281). In episode 5, the audience learns that the city Shady Sands was nuked to smithereens in (or possibly just after) 2277. Shady Sands is significant in the game lore for two reasons: one, it is typically the first non-Vault location that players encounter in the original Fallout, and two, it serves as the birthplace for the New California Republic (NCR), the “good guy” faction in Fallout 2 and New Vegas.

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  • Amateur VR Porn Is Coming for the Vision Pro Whether Apple Likes It or Not

    Spatial video is giving anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro or Vision Pro the means to make first-of-its-kind amateur VR porn.

    Diana and Damien’s first stab at making virtual reality porn wasn’t exactly a smashing success.

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  • Two Years Ago, the Playdate Proved a Good Gimmick Can Thrive Despite the Switch's Dominance

    A handheld with a crank seemed dumb at first, but using it to control games is what makes the Playdate stand out.

    How important is the crank to the Playdate? It’s technically just one part of Panic’s quirky yellow handheld, but it’s also the feature people point to first when they describe the tiny gaming device with the E Ink screen. The crank hasn’t proven to be necessary for enjoying games on the Playdate, and yet, I think it’s ended up serving as a good metaphor for the device as a whole.

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  • Physicists Just Mapped A Stellar, Galactic Burp of Astronomical Proportions

    In a new study out today in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, researchers created a high-resolution map of galaxy NGC 4383, revealing an outflow of gas of gigantic proportions.

    The ejection is spectacularly disruptive. According to the research announcement, its mass is the equivalent of more than 50 million Suns.

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  • 20 Years Later, Denzel Washington's Wild Revenge Thriller Still Holds Up For One Crucial Reason

    Man on Fire scribe Brian Helgeland reflects on writing the Denzel Washington classic and reveals new details about his A Knight’s Tale sequel and the Game of Thrones spinoff he wrote that fans may never see.

    Brian Helgeland’s journey to write Man on Fire started with a video store clerk named Quentin Tarantino recommending a film. It would later involve contributions from Mexican gangs, Clint Eastwood, and Saddam Hussein. Talk about an unconventional love story.

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  • Ancient Roman Wine Might Have Tasted Surprisingly Good, New Study Suggests

    Many of the longstanding misconceptions surrounding Roman wine come from a lack of insight into one of the most characteristic features of Roman winemaking.

    From a modern, scientific perspective, the wine Romans drank is often seen as an inconsistent, poorly made, and thoroughly unpleasant beverage. It is alleged that Roman winemakers had to mask their products’ flaws by adding spices, herbs, and other ingredients to the freshly pressed grape juice, which is known as must.

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  • 30 Years Ago, a Bizarre Sci-Fi Thriller Should Have Started a Franchise

    It’s no Terminator 2, but Furlong’s lesser-known sci-fi contains some entertaining scares.

    The computer-generated villain was all the rage in the early ‘90s, as Hollywood got carried away with the possibilities of the internet, AI, and VR technology. Just ask Edward Furlong. The troubled star had to contend with arguably the most fearsome technological foe, Robert Patrick’s shape-shifting T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, before doing battle with a more cartoonish evildoer in the less celebrated Brainscan.

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